Previous workshops

‘Peace at Christmas’

Sunday 15th, December, 10.00am – 12.30pm

A corner of space for your own peace and quiet in this often demanding time of year. You have complete permission to rest, relax, breathe and soften.
Just what you need!


‘Settling, Grounding and Growing’

Sunday 26th, October, 10.00am – 1.00pm

October 26th is the official end of summer time. The long sultry days of July this year, a fond memory.
On this morning workshop we will give ourselves time to settle and ground, put down our roots, breathe and grow.

‘Along the pull of gravity the muscles (through the spine) work correctly lengthening and elongating outwardly, in an unlimited fashion, in the right direction (from in to out).’ Vanda Scaravelli



Workshop with Monica Voss from the Esther Myers Studio Toronto, Canada

Sunday 23rd June

Details of this full day are yet to be confirmed but it will be very exciting to welcome Monica to this space for the first time on her annual UK tour! She is a very experienced and inspiring teacher and was taught by Vanda Scaravelli. She presently is co-director of the Esther Meyers Studio Toronto.

‘On a Roll’ – Sunday 30 September, 10am -1pm

Finding fluidity and freedom in movement. Yoga is not a static or rigid practice, but consistently evolving and developing with intelligence and curiosity. We shall be looking at how we meet our ‘edges’ in asanas; soften, relax into the pose, discover more space and further potential. Breathing will play an important role in this workshop, as will a sensitivity to your own personal yoga journey.


Bending over Backwards

Saturday July 14th
The focus of this workshop will be a gradual journey towards extension movements and we will be exploring the ‘awakening’ of the whole spine in a way that is viable and safe for you
Even if back bends aren’t your thing, this workshop will invite you to realease the spine and importantly give ‘time-out’ for you and your own practice.


‘I lost it somewhere!’ – Sunday 2nd December, 9.45am – 12.45am

A more intimate half day workshop for a maximum of 8 people, this is for those with at least two-years regular yoga practice, have begun to explore inverted poses further and would benefit from more individual tuition. You’ll be amazed what you find under the furniture upside down.


‘Finding Your Feet’ – Saturday 26th January, 9.30-1pm

In winter our feet are pushed into shoes and rather punished. Take this opportunity to free them and treat them to a blast of circulation and allow them to support you, find your balance and walk you into space. The workshop will cover breath awareness, circulation and the sense of grounding through well organised feet. We will be looking at balance and standing poses through physical practice.

‘Forwards, backwards, sideways and turn!’ – Saturday 16th March, 9-2pm

Vanda Scaravelli’s enormous contribution to the development of a modern Yoga practice was her attention to the pull of gravity and to freeing the spine – recognising the spine as the engine of the body when in movement. On this extended morning workshop we will be turning our attention to this important notion and finding a fluid practice of asanas from it. We will consider how the spine has the potental to move us into space in every direction, with comfort and with an easy ability to group patterns of movement together.

‘Breathing into Space’ – Sunday April 21st 10-1.15pm

This will be a quieter extended practice in which awareness of the breath leads us towards a greater sense of space in our body, our mind and how we move and feel. We will be exploring asana practice beside breathing, sound and relaxation. This extended session would suit those with a regular practice of their own and those of you who simply would like to take advantage of a quiet morning with time for yourself to empty out a busy mind! MAXIMUM OF 10 PLACES ON THIS MORNING